by yaroDmogul

You take a look at a person or family or group and you wish so badly to have what you see.

So within self you say, ‘They do not deserve to have all that’ but you do.

Maybe you do deserve all that you see.

But all that you see comes with all that you do not see.


So I ask, ‘Do you deserve all that you do not see about them?’


Both what you see and can’t see is a complete package. Have one have all or have none at all.

Be wary! for all you see can choose to depart with little or no caution.

Be it in the hands of those you envy or more painfully when it is finally in your hands.


In the Bible Job was envied by many who saw his success.

But what they did not see was his future trials of complete lost (before GOD restored him to his former glory).

A trial phase ‘the many’ who envied would have failed had they been in Job’s shoes.

We all often ‘spit’, ‘eye’ and ‘breathe’ envy on persons of success.

Right from the dedicated hustler who sweats daily to make ends meet to the cleanly rich (not filthy).

Why envy?


DO NOT! but rather appreciate others success to drive self on as you go about your FATHER’S BUSINESS.

That is God’s true and only purpose for your existence, whatever that means to you.




©ink KASA 2013